The Future Is In Danger

Keşşaf Önder Alioğlu - Kişisel, WEB, Sosyal Medya, OUTDOOR, Mesleki Eğitim


The Future Is In Danger

Yes, AIDS you didn’t hear wrong, it is an disease that allof us afraid of it. Nevertheless none of us gives importance to AIDS. 

Today millions of people in the world have AIDS disease but unfortunately it is cure had not been found so for. From day to day it becomes wide ineresingly. 

Of course we can protect ourselver from AIDS as in the other diseases. Statistics show that AIDS appers widely in undeveloped or developing countries in the world. The techology that we have got today is not enough to remove it. 

How ever it can be sterted with some simple cautions. For the solution of this problem people must be edveated by the goverments. Especially community servises ought to be charged. It can be built for patients. 

We can prouide their happiness and their self confidence by encouraging the patients psychologically. 

The importance of AIDS must be taught at schools by doctors or teachers. Meanwhile conferences should be arranged for people. So it iscalled “The Most Dangereus Disease Of Today” 

Well known people all over the world such as writers, artists, film-starts, pop-starts, businessmen can give important messages to people by communicative vehicles (TV, radio, newspaper, book etc…). The advertisements about AIDS must be shown on means of transport. 

We have to struggle alltagetter against AIDS disease. That effects all over the world. Finally we have to remove it is horrible affects on people for our future.